Meet 2013 AT Thru Hiker #462

March 7, 2013 – September 18, 2013


I’ll share more in the following days, but I wanted to let you all know that I summited Katahdin yesterday as the 462nd thru-hiker for 2013, six months and eleven days after I started at Springer Mountain.


Thank you all for your support, from trail magic to letters to comments on this blog all along the way. I may not have been able to respond to each of you individually, but all of your thoughts and encouragement kept me motivated throughout my trek…and helped make this journey a blast, down to the very last step…


Meandering on,


69 thoughts on “Meet 2013 AT Thru Hiker #462

  1. Congratulations! You are king of the mountain!!! I so enjoyed reading you and hope you continue to post … or at least tell us where we can continue to follow you in your next adventures! Such a fabulous achievement!!!!!!

  2. Ok!!! Way to go, AND succeed!!! I am so happy for you & your amazing accomplishment. And like Nat said….keep posting! I think you’ve acquired quite a following during the last year! From the photos, it looks like you ended the challenge on a really pretty day! I know you’ll have many more pretty days to come!

  3. Big Congrats! I’ve been watching for a few months now, but haven’t commented. When I first started reading your bolg in July, 2013, I knew pretty quickly that you were going all the way. I have been reading AT Thru Hiker blogs for a couple years and the attitude that comes through in a person’s writing quite often gives a strong indication of the emotional ability to finish or not. Your attitude from day one was positive, with a little of the necessary devil-may-care nonchalance that gets one through the hard days.
    I have especially enjoyed your discussions about food. When I get a shot at the AT I will use what you have written.
    Thanks. JC

  4. Way to go, Jordana! We met way back at the Blueberry Patch Hostel and I’m so glad to see you made it all the way. Savor the moment and best of luck for whatever comes your way next…. Lady Grey

  5. I am so impressed with what you have done and so happy for you. You must feel so proud. I hope to hear of your final days and the days to come. Please keep writing.

  6. Superb I must say as I have awoken at 3 in the morning grabbed my iphone and read your latest post! Thanks for entertaiing a rocky mountain hiker with the beautiful AT.

  7. Jordana,

    It’s Whiteout! Congrats on finishing the trail! I just happened to be looking at blogs on thru-hikers who completed the AT and saw your picture! Hope the transition back is going well. I know it was a bit tough for me!

    • Whiteout! Wowza, awesome to hear from you! The transition is going well. I’m writing a book, which I’m finding to be a great way to digest the experience. I’d love to hear what you’re up to now.

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