I’ll stop procrastinating…tomorrow.

Do you ever face reality by ignoring it, pretending like the inevitable is just a wispy fog that you can dissipate by fanning your hand through it? Or maybe you don’t even see the inevitable, that which is imminently upon you, because you’re too busy trying to touch your tongue to the end of your nose to actually see the fly alighting there.

A couple of weekends ago, I drove down to Richmond to spend the day with my two younger sisters and our mom. It was Sunday January 27, and I had promised myself that, if I went for a hike and spent time blogging that Saturday, I could reward myself with the trip to Richmond.

It’s funny how that sounds like Saturday’s activities were chores. I assure you they were not, but it does take focus to maintain a schedule of weekend training hikes, nonetheless to post to my blog five days a week. Besides, I was delaying the necessary packing for my move.

The reason we all decided to spend the day in Richmond is that the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) was featuring a soon-to-end exhibit by internationally renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly. My younger sisters live a few blocks from each other, and both are within easy walking distance of the museum.

I made it to Richmond at about 11AM and stopped in at my baby sister Ari’s apartment to say hello. She wasn’t planning on joining us for the exhibit since she’d been twice, so I left quickly to make my way to my other sister’s apartment. I know I’ve mentioned Ari before, but I don’t believe I’ve mentioned my younger sister Lani.

You thought I was exaggerating, didn't you? Glasses, under-bite, banged-up knees, goofy curly-hair bangs...

You thought I was exaggerating in that previous post, didn’t you? Glasses, under-bite, banged-up knees, goofy curly-hair bangs…

Lani’s five and a half years younger than I am, and I was so grateful when she joined the party because I learned from a young age that there’s strength in numbers against our older sister Lauren…or maybe I sacrificed Lan in an attempt to protect my own hide. No, I’m sure I was the best older sister ever. Memory is such a deceptive creature.

Two against one finally! But the power of the dark side is strong in that one. How can this little baby neutralize her power?

Two against one finally! But the power of the dark side is strong in that one. How can this little baby neutralize her power?

Of course, I failed to notice that Lani wasn’t a midget like the rest of us.

I'm 7 here. Lani is 2. This does not bode well. There's probably a reason I look like a deer in head lights.

I’m 7 here. Lani is 2. This does not bode well. That’s probably the reason I look like a deer in head lights.

By the time she was 13, she was stronger than me, but it took until she was about 15 for her to realize it…and for me to realize it too. Keeping in mind that I was generally the family pacifier growing up, I’ll never forget that fateful day in the kitchen when bickering escalated to pushing escalated to hair pulling and wrestling, and suddenly I heard a purposeful crunch as Lani gave me the opportunity to buy a new pair of glasses. I should also mention the bruised skin…and ego, to boot.

Really, I can’t understand why anyone would ever want to fight with me. I was never a mean older sister. Surely, I never yelled across the house for any of my sisters to “shut the f&*$ up.” Nor would I do anything as sinister as tell my less knowledgeable little sister that I would give her two quarters (two whole quarters!) for $1 (“TWO quarters for ONE dollar? What a deal!”).

But I digress. No, I really digressed. Where was I?

Right, so fast forward about 10 years from the broken glasses, all the characters involved have grown out of their teenage angst and are excited to spend the day together. I was especially looking forward to seeing Lan because – although we’d had a two-hour long conversation a few days earlier – she’s generally not a phone person. So, yay for face time! I drove over to Lani’s newest apartment. She gave me the grand tour, and when Mom arrived, we walked over to the museum.

I think people in the D.C. area tend to take museums for granted (since there are so many and most are free), and as such they miss out on the chance to see exquisite art because they figure, “Eh, there’s always another exhibit to see tomorrow.” In Richmond, on the other hand, the VMFA was packed on a Sunday, and long lines of people snaked through the waiting area to get a chance to see the Chihuly exhibit. I was glad to be counted among the throngs.

This was one of the rare exhibits that visitors were allowed to take photos, as long as they’re not used for commercial purposes. I’ve included a few below for your viewing pleasure.

Scale is hard to gauge. This is like the biggest bowl of ice cream you'll ever see in your life. Maybe 20 feet across.

Scale is hard to gauge. This is like the biggest bowl of ice cream you’ll ever see in your life. Maybe 20 feet across.

Unda da sea. Unda da sea. Dahlin it's betta down where it's wetta; take it from me.

Unda da sea. Unda da sea. Dahlin it’s betta down where it’s wetta; take it from me.

When we were finished, we met up with Ari for a late lunch and some shopping. Then, we moved stuff I’d brought into my mom’s car for her to bring to Virginia Beach. Lani also managed to make use of a few things (i.e. my food processor, shoe rack, etc.), which makes me way happier than those items sitting around gathering dust during my trek.

By the time I headed back to DC, it was past 6pm, and I made it home past 8pm. I had accomplished everything I’d meant to that weekend with the exception of that pesky packing chore.

The receptionist at my office had been kind enough to collect cardboard boxes for me for going on two months, and I’d told her I’d drive to the office over the weekend to pick them up. After all, my move date is quickly approaching. But then I got distracted swatting away the fog and decided, “I’ll do it next weekend. It’s too soon anyway. Surely next weekend.”

The following Monday, I made my apologies and begged off, “I’ll get those boxes out of your supply closet soon.” Well, last weekend came and went with me on the couch distractedly flaring my nostrils and doing other such important things, with the cardboard boxes still in the supply closet. Finally, this past Monday, I asked a coworker who drives to work if she would mind giving me – and my boxes – a ride home.

Now, I sit here on the couch in my living room, four stacks of cardboard boxes ominously staring me down. My roommate April will be back tomorrow after a week working in New Orleans for the Superbowl. I can’t promise that I’ll get to packing between now and then, but I at least owe it to her to make some of these boxes disappear…somewhere.

These boxes goes well with the décor, right? I mean, they blend, chameleon-like. What boxes? Exactly.

These boxes go well with the décor, right? I mean, they blend, chameleon-like. What boxes? Exactly.

I have only about two weeks left before I move. I still have quite a bit to do before I load up the moving truck. Dishes, silverware, utensils, pots, pans, clothes, toiletries – everything will need to find a home in one of the cardboard boxes.

You’d think I’d be eager to get ready, get organized, get packed. And I will. I assure you I will. But first let me show you how I can curl my tongue. And also, have you seen me touch my foot to my head? And, ya know, now that I think of it, have we run out of time for the night? Maybe I’ll pack tomorrow. Yeah, I’ll definitely get to it tomorrow.

Meandering on,



10 thoughts on “I’ll stop procrastinating…tomorrow.

  1. I loved the story and pictures of family. So cute! I enjoy the Chihuly exhibits when I see them. Also, Columbus has a couple of permanent pieces on exhibit. Thanks so much for a great read!

    • Glad you liked. I’ll have to give credit to my mom for this one for finding/scanning me the pix.

      Yeah, Chihuly glass seems to get around. Beautiful stuff.

  2. Do yourself a favor and never play Minecraft. I’ve been nursing a sore heel spur for almost two weeks now and it stopped hurting over a week ago. Just one more day….behind my desk….playing Minecraft…..

  3. Thanks, Jor. It’s been a very, very long time since I saw that pic of you holding me in the hospital. It’s sweet and endearing, especially those Coke-bottle glasses. Great post!

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