Bangin’ Box of Barney Butter

Right after Thanksgiving, I wrote a review on Barney Butter. A company out of California, Barney Butter makes the only almond butter available on the market with blanched almonds (skins removed), which lends itself to an extremely smooth texture reminiscent of peanut butter. In addition, the almond butter is manufactured in a completely peanut-free facility, making it safe for people with peanut allergies.

At the time that I sampled Barney Butter Smooth, the similarity to peanut butter really struck me. Every almond butter I’ve sampled has a different appeal, and this one – with its creamy texture and subtle flavor – was no exception. Since I have a mild sensitivity (inflammation) to peanuts and (sigh, whoa is me, cruel fate) am a star-crossed lover of peanut butter, it was all that I could do not to finish the sample in one bite. For my complete review of Barney Butter Smooth, please see the following link.

Wait, if I spread the love, does it mean I have to share?

Wait, if I spread the love, does that mean I have to share?

I recently reached out to the company president, Ms. Dawn Kelley, to see if she would be willing to support my trek with a donation. To my great delight, she responded immediately with a “Sure thing!” and quickly launched into a series of questions. “How many can you take with you?” “Smooth or crunchy?” “10oz or 16oz?”

After I begged off expectations and told her that I’m truly grateful for whatever she would be willing and able to donate, Dawn generously offered,

“We’ll send a case of the 16 oz smooth, that way a jar will last you longer…”

When the much anticipated almond butter arrived in the mail shortly thereafter, my mom (who opened the package for me) discovered that two of the jars had been damaged in transit. Sadness.

"Fragile? I wonder what that means." "I dunno. Hey, think fast! Catch!"

“Fragile? I wonder what that means.”
“I dunno. Hey, think fast! Catch!”

I sent an email to Dawn and, without hesitation, she responded,

“Yikes! We will send more!”

And the replacement jars arrived just a few days later.

I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Barney Butter – and specifically to Dawn Kelley – for the donation as well as the gracious reaction upon the discovery of the damaged jars.

Oh, you're safe! You're safe! I love you so much. I'll never let you go.

Oh, you’re safe! You’re safe! I love you so much. I’ll never let you go.

Now the only real problem is that my spoon will slow me down. Do you think it would be obscene to stick my entire hand in the jar?

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