The Kit and Caboodle, care of Clif Bar

A few months ago, I was poking around the Clif Bar website. I first tried a Clif Bar in 2004. On a quick weekend trip to Yosemite National Park when I was on the west coast serving in AmeriCorps, my friend Brooke threw several bars into her day pack for snacking. I don’t remember which flavor I sampled, but the hearty bar – made primarily of oats and soy protein, sustained me for our steep climb up to Yosemite Falls.

I haven’t been able to eat Clif Bars since adopting a diet free of gluten and limited in soy almost six years ago, but I’ve still kept tabs on the company’s product offerings (yeah, maybe I wander the aisles at the grocery store. That’s normal, right?). So when I noticed a new bar – Kit’s Organic – with the Clif logo emblazoned on the box, I felt compelled to do some research. I found that Kit’s Organic bars are the vision of Kit Crawford, co-owner of Clif Bar. They’re made from 100% organic fruits and nuts, and the flavor aptly reflects these few ingredients within each bar.

For the record, the Clif Bar website is extremely user friendly in that one can narrow his search for products based on usage, flavor, or (most importantly for me!) dietary considerations (“gluten free,” “low glycemic,” etc.). The website also clearly states the nutrition facts and ingredients for each product in its lineup.

It’s exciting to me to see an increasing number of gluten free, soy-free fruit and nut bar options on the market. As far as I’m concerned, the more the merrier. And each new product available seems to be raising the bar.

I ended up sending a message to Clif Bar to see if the company would consider sending me samples to try and review. When I found a coupon in Whole Foods’ weekly flier, I decided to heck with the blog (whoa is me! such stress waiting for free product samples!) and tried one on my own, to my great delight. The Cashew bar I tasted was hearty, as I would expect from a Clif brand bar, more on the nutty/crunchy side than other fruit and nut bars I’ve eaten.

A while later, I received a response from Clif Bar wondering if I were still interested in samples. As I had already come to the conclusion that I love these bars, I asked if they would be willing to support my trek with a donation (as long as we’re chatting…). Clif Bar responded by generously donating a case each of a dozen Berry Almond bars and Chocolate Almond Coconut bars.

Made with bilberries and barberries. Try to say that five times fast.

Made with bilberries and barberries. Try to say that five times fast.

Like a healthy Mounds bar. Yum!

Like a healthy Mounds bar. Yum!

Clif Bar was also kind enough (thank you! thank you! thank you!) to throw in a box from the company’s kids’ line of products: fruit punch flavored Zfruit rope – made solely of organic apple puree, organic apple juice concentrate, organic flavors, pectin, and malic acid. Why? Because I’m a kid at heart, that’s why. I like to think of it like a Slim Jim but made of fruit.

Step into a Zfruit!

Step into a Zfruit!

See, even the catch phrase works. I think it’ll catch on up and down the A.T. At least it will if I have anything to say about it.

Meandering on,



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