Purely Gracious Pure Bar Donation

Last month I reviewed Pure Bar, a company out of California that produces all natural and organic varieties of gluten free fruit and nut bars. With a cornucopia of flavors and a mix of creative ingredients (like rice protein and almond butter), Pure Bar caters to a sophisticated palate and health conscious consumer. Each of the nine bars I sampled has a different personality and appeal. (For my comprehensive product review, see this link.)

I recently contacted Veronica Bosgraaf, the founder of the still small company, to see if she might be able to support my trek with a donation. Within a few short days, I was delighted by a surprise box at my doorstep. Trying to reflect a cool, calm demeanor, I waited until I brought the box into my apartment before clapping my hands together with excitement like a five year old.

I probably shouldn't have opened the box. I'm going to need to hide them from myself before I leave on my trek.

I probably shouldn’t have opened the boxes. I’m going to need to hide them from myself before I leave on my trek.

I can’t express enough gratitude to Pure Bar for the donation. I understand the resource limitations of small companies and am touched that Veronica would be able to devote some of those resources toward the accomplishment of my A.T. goal.

I think I'll go for a walk outside now. The summer sun's callin' my name.(I hear ya now.)

I think I’ll go for a walk outside now. The summer sun’s callin’ my name. (I hear ya now.)

And with such an assortment of flavors at my disposal, I’ll surely never experience a dreary day on the trail.

Meandering on,



11 thoughts on “Purely Gracious Pure Bar Donation

    • Haha, well, step 1 is to ask. That actually may be step 4 or 5. I’ll probably write a post about it once I’m done with my trek. I’m not done with sponsorships yet, so it’s a little premature!

      • I got about 5 sponsors, but for the amount of emails I sent (>30), that’s a bad percentage 🙂 Oh well! It’s still appreciated. Every little bit helps.

        Now, to see if snickers will sponsor me 🙂

      • Oh totally. I refuse to talk about percentages. I’ve lost count of the number of emails I’ve sent. I tell ya what: I won’t steal the Snickers sponsorship from you. It’s all yours.

  1. you are the mendicants of mendicants, Francis of Assisi could take lessons from you. You’re good. When you’re done your hike, you wont need to worry about a job, you’ll be the ceo/executive director of United Way, Feed the Children, Kars for Kids…… Oh, I’m trying some of these products and sending emails to your sponsors telling them that I found them through you. Remember this in life “If it’s free it’s for me.”.

    • You don’t know the half of it. Keep reading in the coming weeks for more. I’m just fortunate that so many companies consider my goal worthy of support.

      P.S. – I’m a huge fan of vocabulary (speaking of nerdy kid), and I’m adding mendicant to my repertoire. Thanks for learning me something new today.

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