LÄRABAR: Care Package Gone Wild

Way back in the beginning of October, I did a product review on seven varieties of LÄRABARs, which the company had sent me to sample. Since I’m a huge fan of these bars, I recently sent the woman I’ve been in touch with an email requesting sponsorship for my trek. I’ve learned that it never hurts to ask (respectfully).

The woman, who I believe works in the company’s headquarters office, responded that the regional manager’s donation supply was exhausted. But, she said, she’d be happy to send me a care package – she called it a “little something” – from her office in Denver. I gratefully accepted the offer and then went down to Virginia Beach for the holiday and forgot about it.

I returned on New Year’s Day feeling a little sorry for myself for the looming work day to follow (I know I’m not the only one, right?). When I opened the door to my apartment, there was a package waiting for me (among the recent packages of purchases from REI), and I opened it to find four large boxes of LÄRABARs – for a total of 68 bars in 19 varieties, a fitted t-shirt, and a bunch of stickers. Wowza! This is a “little something”?!

I'm not sure how I'm expected to fit that t-shirt after eating all those bars in one sitting. Oh wait, I shouldn't?

I’m not sure how I’m expected to fit that t-shirt after eating all those bars in one sitting. Oh wait, I shouldn’t?

I’m so grateful to LÄRABAR for the support. That wasn’t what I was expecting. I guess I thought that I’d get maybe a few bars, ya know, enough for a snack on the flight down to Atlanta.

This generous care package will definitely be put to good use and will help me keep my “budget for bars” (of course I have a budget for bars. It’s right under “pack” and “tent” on my list. It would be reckless of me to endeavor to hike the A.T. without a budget for bars, all willy nilly and everything) in check for the first month or two.

Meandering on,


P.S. – I learned very quickly that you can win a child’s affections with one of these stickers. Bonus!
P.P.S. – The t-shirt fits well too and actually looks good on me. Double bonus!


10 thoughts on “LÄRABAR: Care Package Gone Wild

      • Good on yer, I take it you have carefully planned each bar with the optimum use per day?

      • Haha. Every little bit helps. If someone wanted to donate a case of chocolate bars for emotional days, I wouldn’t turn them down either…although, as the weather warms up, they might turn into chocolate soup.

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