Contest Winner(s): Everybody gets something because I grew up in the ‘90s

Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest I announced in my blog post from this past Monday! I asked you all to figure out what I planned to make with:


You came up with some pretty creative responses. Many of your ideas were really close, but the answer that was spot on came from Marian at

A few months ago I read in Backpacker Magazine how to create a fire starter out of the wax covering of Babybel cheeses and lint. I thought it would be a ton of fun – and wise, definitely wise – to make a Chanukah menorah out of the concept, ya know, in case it takes me longer to finish the A.T. than I currently anticipate. (Note: if it takes me until next Chanukah to finish, I’ve done something very very wrong.)

Congratulations, Marian! I’ll email you separately for the mailing address where I should send the prize – one brand new, in the package, never been used Superfruit Nutty Crunch flavor Pure Bar.


Really, though, I love ALL the guesses and want to send a little something to everyone who participated. I’m going to email everybody separately for mailing addresses, and – with luck – you’ll all get your Chanukah gifts before the holiday ends. (Proven fact: if a Jewish person sends the gift, it’s a Chanukah gift, even if the recipient is not Jewish.)

Tune in to tomorrow’s post for my cheese wax and lint Chanukah menorah how-to. It’s going to be a good one. There will be some laughing, maybe some crying, and definitely some lessons to be learned (FYI, the smoke detector works in my apartment).

Until then…

Meandering on,



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