Another fun contest and giveaway: What am I making?

Hey folks! I had so much fun with my first contest and giveaway that I decided to do another one. The nature of this contest is a little different. Whereas the other one was based on the number of Appalachian Trail related songs each person could think of, this one is much more time sensitive.

The first person to guess correctly (in the comments) what I intend to do with




will win this:


Gluten Free Pure Bar – Superfruit Nutty Crunch Bar flavor

The one request I have of the winner is that he/she provides me a few comments regarding the bar for my upcoming Pure Bar product review.

Back to the guessing game, when my friend came over and looked in my cupboard (yes, I’ve been keeping this stuff in my cupboard…such a weirdo), she immediately guessed what I was up to. She also wondered where my “real food” was. Apparently, beef jerky and applesauce do not a “real” diet make.

A couple of hints to help you along (or perhaps to confuse you):

  1. I got the idea out of Backpacker Magazine.
  2. The (Jewish) holiday Chanukah is just around the corner.

Can’t wait to hear some of your responses! I’ll give it a few days and, if nobody’s spot on, I’ll pick the person closest to the mark. Even if you don’t really know, please don’t hesitate to take a stab. The more responses, the merrier; and this time of the year, I’m all about being merry.

Meandering on,



19 thoughts on “Another fun contest and giveaway: What am I making?

  1. You’re making Hanukah candles from Babybel covers and lint? Can’t think why Backpacker would tell you how to make those. But those little babybel containers can come in mighty handy if you are with a bunch of friends and have cheese and wine but nothing to put the wine in. They’re kind of small, I know…

  2. Okay, I know this this time.

    I was sitting on my couch, looking at a string of lights, thinking completely unrelated thoughts… when it just dawned on me.

    You’re stashing the lint in the plastic cheese cases to keep it dry so you can use it to start fires. There. I want my gluten-free bar.

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