Contest Winner or I promise I’m not a jerk.

Perhaps some of you remember my blog post from October 26 in which I announced a fun contest. I got the idea when noticing Chattahoochee National Forest on my Appalachian Trail map, which reminded me of this song:

The winner, I said, would be the person that came up with the most songs that relate to hiking the Appalachian Trail, and I was all for creativity. The deadline for entries was Friday November 2nd.

I know that was almost two weeks ago, and I’ve been silent on the topic since. The reason is that I had grand plans to sift through all the songs – I was going to create an Excel spreadsheet and everything – and come up with a witty, hysterical post incorporating some of them.

Alas, time got away from me, and I recognize my limitations. I mean No Shave November is already half over (what do you mean it’s supposed to be just for men? That’s not fair.). Goodness sakes, Thanksgiving is next week! (The chocolate turkeys sitting in my apartment are proof positive.) And I have so many things to do between now and then.

Hemp hearts will make the contest winner either rich or famous or full – I’m not sure which.

So I shall have to forego my plans to showcase my humor because I figure I’d rather you all think I’m not funny than think that I’m a jerk. “Geez, that Jordana, she got us all excited about the prospect of winning a sample of Hemp Hearts, and then she doesn’t follow through. What a louse!” No, not I. I know it’s not the most expensive, amazing prize ever, but I promised to give it away. And give it away I shall.

So without further ado, I want to announce salpal1 at as the winner! Salpal1 clearly put a ton of thought into this; I lost count at 30 songs. And some songs I’d heard before, but many were new to me. Salpal1, I’ll email you separately to get your mailing address.

Thank you to everyone that contributed your ideas in the comments. I had a lot of fun looking through everyone’s lists. The music genres were all over the place and have even sparked thoughts for other music to add to my mp3 player for my trek.

I’m glad you stopped by. Until next time:

Meandering on,



2 thoughts on “Contest Winner or I promise I’m not a jerk.

  1. Hey, cool! I never win anything! I did have a great amount of fun putting this list together – thought of songs all the way to work and back for a few days. I hope you like them, and enjoy listening to some of them on the trail.

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